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All You Need For Better Exams

Set up tests quickly

Start from scratch or reuse existing tests or questions, you will be up and running in no time. Share the test's link with your students and you are ready to go!

Tags for searching

Tag your tests and questions and to group and find them easily. Drop tags on items or just start typing to create new ones. Enter tags in any search to filter your results.

Drag & drop questions

Adding your existing questions to Terascore is easy: just drop one or several questions and Terascore create the questions for you as it detects question type and answer choices

Automatic scoring

All scores are calculated fully automatically using the custom point values you can specify for each answer choice. The scores are ready for you the moment students submit their responses!

Easy and secured tests

Students can get their optional self-assessment reports immediately after they submitted their answers including their total and partial scores as well the questions they missed. Or you may decide to gran them access to their scores only at a later time, after reviewing automatic scoring recommendations for essays and fill-in-the-blanks.

Dynamic reports

Analyze how well any subset of your students did in any part of the test or how good a certain question was to evaluate the performance of a dynamic group of students.

Educational Testing. Improved.

Set up assessments

Create new questions or reuse existing ones from the question bank. Use multiple choice, essay, multimedia and other question types. Fine-tune exam availability and share the test address for single-click access.

Get answers securely

You may require students to use the Terascore iPad/iPhone app for any given test, which makes online exams just as secure as traditional paper-based assessments while using their own tablets or smartphones

Get scores and grades

Questions with predefined answers are scored immediately - measure student performance as well as analyze exam and question stats over any dynamically selected group of responses or students.